April 17-19 TNCC
May 1-3 ENPC
May 22-24 TNCC
June 19-21 TNCC
July 17-19 ENPC
Aug 7-9 TNCC
Sept 4-6 ENPC
Sep 18-20 TNCC
Oct 2-4 ENPC
Oct 23-25 TNCC
Join thousands of colleagues worldwide who share your ideals and goals.

Membership in the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) helps you expand your knowledge,
strengthen your skills, and further your career through state-of-the-art educational opportunities, networking, research, and certification.

The Hi-Plains Chapter of ENA is comprised of nurses in the West Texas area of Texas.
We strive to serve as a resource for emergency nursing education and research, to work towards improvement in emergency nursing and to provide professional networking
for the specialty of emergency nursing.

Hi-Plains ENA Awards and Recognition
Nominate someone for: Behind the Scenes, Rising Star, Nursing Practice & Professionalism, Nursing Education, Nurse Manager, Nursing Competency in Aging, Team Award or Bradley/Bellah Memorial Award.
Click here to download the instructions and the form to submit your nomination.
Local ENA Meetings:
June 14th @ 0730             
July 19th @ 0730                
August 9th @ 1900               
September 13th @ 1930     
October 4th @ 1930             
November 8th @ 1930         
December 13th @1930           
Meeting Locations:
Grace Medical Center (1st Floor  Conference Center)
Covenant Children's Arnett (2 hour CE offered)
Star ER
Covenant Knipling (1 hour CE offered)
Grace Medical Center (1st Floor Conference Center)
State ENA Meetings:
July 13-14           Texas 10-59                         
October 12-13     Arlington                             

National ENA Meeting:

September 24-26 Pittsburgh, PA
(General Assembly & National ENA)